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Sales Coordinator

Date: Jan 31, 2019

Location: Shanghai, 31, CN

Company: Glanbia


To support the rapidly growing needs of Monster Energy in AsPac by providing sales, customer service and logistics support, coordination with sales, Monster and their bottlers and alignment with the plant and suppliers. The Monster supply chain is more complex than many of our other customers because they ask us to do unitization of various ingredients for them and provide one-stop logistics service.

The primary focus will be in China. At the same time, will need support service and logistic for customer expansion in Australia, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, India…



Key day to day functions of the role:

  • Align with sales/ supply chain/ purchasing/ quality
  • New customer set up (eg. For each new bottler) and credit limit application
  • Update Forecast for Monster production runs at their bottlers (typically Coke bottlers)
  • Process orders: Convert Monster order in cases into our system (order split into premix volume, layered volume single ingredients, flavors, etc)
  • Coordinate with supply chain to ensure timely delivery of material for production
  • Commercial support: Assist sales with inquiries; provide supporting documents and information to the customer; help coordinate quality information and transfer to/ from customer, collect forecasts and check with supply chain team; ensure all orders are received within the standard time frame. Communicate with planners/ supply chain/ purchasing on any changes of original agreed forecast.
  • Handle complaints: Ensure that all customer complaints are clear understood, and verify the complaints then enter the complaint in CRM, follow up among assignee, line manager, sales managers and customers till complaint closure with customer satisfaction. In the interim, ensure that customer is kept informed of any progress in a timely manner
  • Coordinate inventory at bottlers (eg. Bulk items)
  • Coordinate payment from Monster and to Monster flavor house (all based in the states)
  • Monster related SOP draft and consolidate, coordinate with Suzhou team to set up PO/delivery SOP for every country of Monster and different bottler system in one area
  • Keep good daily communication with bottlers, understand bottler production planning system, and coordinate with Glanbia logistic team about bottler delivery requirement/Glanbia pallets pick up
  • Keep close relationship with Monster logistic/planning/inventory team, understand their sales situation in China/ beverage inventory level/promotion/NPD plan



  • Coordinate with distributors for certain countries (eg. Australia, Vietnam)
  • Translate some documentation (eg. For Chinese suppliers/ Monster US)



  • 3+ Years in customer service/supply chain
  • Ideally working with key accounts in beverage industry; knowledge of beverage supply chain and manufacturing
  • Good English, confident to communicate with Monster counterparts in US and other places
  • Ability to work under pressure and in an environment with frequent unplanned changes (Monster’s world)
  • Acceptable to late night con-calls (to coordinate with US time)
  • Proactive working style, willing to set up structure for new process