Work is something you do, not a place you go

At Glanbia, we have re-considered how we structure work and re-shape expectations about the employee experience. To enable our people in navigating this new way of working we have formalised our flexible working models through the launch of Smart Working at Glanbia.

Smart Working is an outcome driven work model that enables more flexible ways of working to deliver superior business performance, greater productivity and higher levels of employee engagement.

As disruptive forces continue to drive how we live and how we work into the future, they are creating an imperative for transformation in the enterprise, the workforce and how works gets done longer term.  We need to rewrite our future of work story where Smart Working plays a key role.  We have set a clear and ambitious vision for Smart Working which is 'To Reimagine our Future by Leveraging Smart Working to Accelerate Transformation and Enable Our Global Growth Ambitions.'

Smart Working at Glanbia

Flexible Hours

Flexible hours to offer you the opportunity to work around your own schedule by creating your own start and finish times. Fit in what is important to you around your working day!

Flex Fridays

We offer you the option to finish work at 2pm every Friday once your contractual weekly hours have been worked up that week. Who needs half days - save your leave for more full days off!

Blended Working

Best of both worlds! We are committed to collaboration between leaders and employees so the mix between remote and office work meets everyone’s needs.

*All three offerings are eligible where specific role requirements can be met with these working arrangements.

Glanbia Smart Working Pledge